WATCH: Family Helps Reunite Homeless Veteran with Missing Emotional Support Dog

"Naomi and her family were very pleased to return Rerun to Mr. Hatfield. They made sure Rerun was outfitted with a dog tag and they sent food and snacks along with him." (Kings County Deputy Sheriff's Association/Facebook)
Kings County Deputy Sheriff's Association/Facebook

A veteran in California was reunited with his lost canine companion Sunday after he went missing for several days.

Rerun, the pup belonging to Michael Hatfield, a homeless Vietnam War veteran who spends a lot of time at the Kettleman City Business District, was noticed by a woman who thought he was abandoned, KMPH reported.

The Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association detailed the story in a Facebook post:

Our friends at KMPH 26 sent Rich Rodriguez to Kings County and they ran the story last Wednesday on their news station. Their news coverage lead to Yesenia Rodriguez reaching out on behalf of her mother, Naomi Herrera. The family feared Rerun was abandoned, so they picked him up as they traveled through Kettleman City to keep him safe. The family took Rerun on a road trip to the Sequoia Mountains and also gave him a bath.

The family was pleased to eventually get Rerun back to Hatfield and made sure he had a dog tag, food, and snacks.

The sheriff’s association also shared a clip of the touching moment the two were reunited.

“You hear that?” an officer asked the veteran when a dog was heard barking from inside the sheriff’s vehicle:

REUNITED! Rerun, the dog of Michael Hatfield, a homeless Vietnam War veteran who frequents the Kettleman City Business…

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Sunday, June 6, 2021

Moments later, Rerun jumped out of the back seat and Hatfield exclaimed, “Hey boy! How’s my baby?” before taking the little dog into his arms.

The officer then shook the veteran’s hand and showed him his pet’s collar featuring his name and phone number.

“If it ever happens again,” the officer said, then put his arm around the man.

Rerun is believed to be Hatfield’s emotional support animal and the two have been together for about two and a half years.

Kings County Sheriff’s Deputy John Daulton knows them both.

“That corner is pretty much his real estate. Anybody who travels through Kettleman City has seen this man,” Daulton explained. “He’s the guy who’s on the corner, always holding this sign and Rerun is always right next to him.”

The sheriff’s office said Hatfield was provided a hotel room once it learned of his situation.


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