VIDEO – Florida Man Bitten by Alligator at Front Door: ‘Something Grabbed Me’

Police in Daytona Beach, Florida, were called to a home Saturday when someone was attacked by an alligator.

The officers arrived at the house that evening and learned more details about the incident, WESH reported Monday.

The man apparently opened his front door when he heard what he thought was someone looking for his son. However, when he opened the door, the alligator lunged, biting his thigh.

“Went outside and didn’t turn the light on and just got a step outside and something grabbed me on the leg, started shaking violently,” recalled victim Scott Hollingsworth.

When he realized what it was, he went back inside and closed the door, only to find a large gash on his leg.

Alligators have made their homes in the state’s marshes, swamps, rivers, and lakes for centuries, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“In recent years, Florida has experienced tremendous human population growth. Many residents seek waterfront homes, and increasingly participate in water-related activities. This can result in more frequent alligator-human interactions, and a greater potential for conflict,” the commission’s website said.

“Remember, never feed an alligator and keep your distance if you see one. Swim only in designated swimming areas during daylight hours. And keep pets on a leash and away from the water,” it continued.

Per the Key West Aquarium, the name “alligator” originated from the Spanish word for lizard, el lagarto. Early settlers used the term upon their first introduction to the creatures.

Meanwhile, the Hollingsworth family learned from wildlife officials the alligator measured approximately nine feet long. There are alligators in a pond nearby, but the creatures never came quite so close to home.

Florida Fish and Wildlife came to the scene, and the alligator in question was euthanized, per law enforcement officials.

Although Hollingsworth underwent surgery on his leg, he is thankful his knee was not injured in the attack, stating, “Everything’s going well.”

In February, an 85-year-old woman died after an alligator attack in St. Lucie County, Florida, Breitbart News reported.

The creature apparently grabbed her dog as they walked, then she was attacked while trying to save her pet.


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