WATCH: Texas Teen Admits Punching Neighbors for ‘Likes’ on Social Media

The 19-year-old accused of randomly punching people at a park in Harris County, Texas, claims he regrets his frightening actions.

The incident happened at Wortham Park and video footage shows the man, wearing a red hoodie with the word Spartan across the front, approaching walkers from behind and sucker-punching them, KHOU reported Friday.

The outlet said the young man also attempted to tackle another man. The 19-year-old, identified as Alford Lewis, told the outlet he regrets his behavior and tried to play it off, stating, “You know, I just made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes.”

“I really didn’t expect for it to go so left, you know. I know from the video all you see is the bad part about it,” he said, claiming he shook one man’s hand afterward and hugged him. However, KHOU said it was unable to verify the young man’s claim.

The report also noted Lewis said he recorded his actions in order to gain likes and views on social media.

KHOU’s Jason Miles shared images of the young man and a still image of one of the incidents that occurred at the park:

“I really didn’t expect it to go so left, you know.” 19 year-old featured in a social media video randomly punching…

Posted by Jason Miles KHOU on Friday, October 27, 2023

In the comments section of the post, user Grizzy’s Hood News replied to another user, stating, “I don’t agree with the way that the story was reported on behalf of KHOU.”

“There was no mention of the gun he had on him, and he gave a platform to senselessness instead of finding the victims. Even I found one of the victims.  This reporting really downplayed such a horrible and criminal act,” Grizzy’s Hood News stated.

In a social media post Friday afternoon, Grizzy’s Hood News shared an image of the young man in the red hoodie with what appeared to be a handgun tucked into his front pocket. Click here to view the photo.

Grizzy’s Hood News also posted additional video footage of the incidents at the park.

According to KHOU, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter, noting the victims who were allegedly targeted may have to file charges for the case to move forward.


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