Viktor Orbán: Today’s European Institutions Serve the ‘Interests of George Soros’

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned Monday that European institutions do not serve the interests of the citizens of Europe, but rather those of prominent billionaire disrupter George Soros.

Europeans must reaffirm their national sovereignty against the pretensions of globalist liberals, Mr. Orbán said in a strongly worded message.

“According to the liberals, it is best to cede our national governments’ powers to international organisations – and as many of those powers as possible,” Mr. Orbán warned. “In this they see universal ideals, European values and universal human rights being given further encouragement and recognition.”

Yet these organisations are “inevitably prone to a despotism which they tend to call ‘the rule of law’ but which is simply ‘the rule of blackmail,’” he continued, and “they are vulnerable to infiltration by Soros-style networks, and if they are forced to choose between the citizens of individual national communities and the big guns of global capital, in the end they will always opt for the latter.”

Fortunately, the citizens of European nations have realised “that today’s European institutions do not serve them, but the interests of George Soros and his ilk,” Orbán stated. “They are not prepared to swallow the Brussels fabrication that the reason a financial speculator enriching himself through the ruin of others is roaming the corridors of Brussels is that he is selflessly offering help to Europe.”

One particular area where this clash of worldviews and interests is most obvious, Orbán suggested, is that of mass international migration.

Liberal and conservative politics “clash – and even engage in a life-or-death struggle – on the issue of migration,” he declared. “According to loopy liberals, there is no reason to fear mass immigration, or even a flood of immigration; and there is no reason to fear it even if the national and religious traditions of the uninvited guests are starkly different from ours – or indeed opposed to ours.”

“We are told that terrorism, crime, anti-Semitism and the emergence of parallel societies are only temporary irregularities, or perhaps the birth pangs of a radiant new world about to come into being,” Orbán noted. Yet such an “unpredictable experiment on societies and individuals” is unacceptable, because “the risks of chronic intercultural tensions and violence are unacceptably high.”

“Unless we ignore the laws of mathematics, it is not difficult to see the reality of sure, slow, but accelerating population replacement,” he added.

“The greatest threat to national self-determination today is the network that promotes a global open society, and seeks to abolish national frameworks,” Orbán said. “The goals of a George Soros-style network, which has unlimited financial and human resources, are clear: to create open societies of mixed ethnicity through the acceleration of migration, to dismantle national decision-making and hand it over to the global elite.”


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