EXCLUSIVE: Israelis on Social Media Blast Belgian #Hypocrisy in Fighting Terror

terror suspects

A post on that has gone viral shows a photograph of two Muslim women at a security check being frisked by police with the caption, “Checkpoints to prevent terrorism is apartheid! Boycott Israel!”

Upon closer inspection, it’s clear from the photograph that the security guards are in fact part of the Belgian police force. Underneath the image the caption continues, “Oh, wait…This is in Belgium? Well, never mind then…” The hashtag #hypocrisy is printed at the bottom of the post​,​ which thousands of Israelis have shared since Monday.

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Another post making the rounds shows a spider chart that asks the question, “Are you a terrorist?” Choosing “No” leads to a box that says “God Bless Ya.” Answering “Yes” leads to another question, “Where?” Selecting “Europe” leads to a caption box that reads​,​ “World’s biggest enemy,” while underneath “Israel” is the caption “FREEDOM FIGHTER.” Meanwhile, “Africa” is followed by the caption, “Who gives a sh*t.”

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The Belgian capital of Brussels has been on maximum security alertlevel 4–​since Saturday. Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon has called for door-to-door searches in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, a known center of Jihadist activity where, according to Jambon, “of the 130 fighters who have returned from Syria to Belgium, 85 are living in Molenbeek.”

“It is unacceptable that we do not know who is in the territory of the municipality,” he said. “Right now there are apartments in which two people are officially registered, but in which ten are living.”