Report: Israel Bombed Scud Trucks in Syria


From Roi Kais writing at Ynet News:

Did Israel strike in Syria once more? Yes, according to reports in Syrian media. According to the reports, Israel attacked in the Qalamoun Mountains, an area near the Syrian/ Lebanese border.

The reports further stated that Israel had bombed the 155th brigade of Syria’s army. According to at least one report the target was a group Syrian Scud missiles. Up until now, the Syrian regime has not officially responded to the reports. Official Arabic media outlets also did not comment on the strike.

According to additional reports, also unconfirmed, there were claims that the air force struck northeast of Damascus, destroying a truck carrying ballistic missiles at a 155th brigade base. “Drones attacked a weapons truck on the outskirts of Damascus while on their way to Lebanon,” Al Arabyia reported.

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