Netanyahu To Indonesian Journalists: Time To Establish Formal Ties

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participates in a conversation at the Center for American Progress November 10, 2015 in Washington, DC.
Alex Wong/Getty

The Jerusalem Post reports: It’s time for Israel and Indonesia to establish full diplomatic ties, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of five senior Indonesian journalists on Monday.

Netanyahu told the delegation, here for a week as guests of the Foreign Ministry, that the two countries have many areas in which they can cooperate, such as in the fields of water and technology.

“The relations between Israel and Indonesia need to change,” he said. “I have not a few Indonesian friends on Facebook. The time has come to change the relations, and the reasons that prevented that in the past are no longer relevant.”

Netanyahu said he hoped that the journalists’ visit will pave the way to establishing ties with the world’s most populous Muslim country.

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