Hamas, Israel Agree To De-Escalation

With a Palestinian flag to his back an Israeli soldier rides in an armored personnel carrier April 1, 2002 in the outskirts of the West Bank town of Qalqilia. I
Quique Kierszenbaum/Getty

Ynetnews reports: Hamas has agreed and committed itself again to a de-escalation on the border of Israel and Gaza, Ynet learned on Sunday morning.

A general agreement has been reached between the warring sides after tremendous mediation effort by international parties in recent days and a great number of messages exchanged via intermediaries.

Israel, for its part, removed its forces from the perimeter, a 100-meter wide “buffer zone” along the border and inside Gazan territory. Construction crews working on the border fence on Saturday did not did advance beyond that zone. However, it seems that the IDF will continue to operate in the perimeter and beyond it if necessary.

Hamas’s true test will be how they respond to the entry of IDF forces in such a case.

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