WATCH: Sarah Silverman Reacts To ‘Jewish Mother Fantasy’ Of Drake’s Crush On Her

Drake Rapper
Kevin Winter/Getty

TEL AVIV – Jewish rapper Drake apparently has a crush on a nice Jewish girl who is none other than comedian Sarah Silverman.

While strolling the corridors of Saturday Night Live headquarters recently, Drake stumbled across a framed photograph of Silverman that he subsequently uploaded to Instagram with the caption “WCE” — internet slang for “woman crush everyday.”

The comedian responded to the compliment on Late Night with Seth Myers on Thursday night.

“I looked at my phone and I had sixteen texts from all my young comedian friends that call me ‘mom.’ It was very cool, they were very excited,” she told Myers.

Watch her response below.

“I mean listen, he’s half-Jewish, I’m sure he has a Jewish mother fantasy situation. But you know what, Sarah, don’t belittle yourself, I’m a sexual being,” Silverman quipped.

The famous rapper, who, like Silverman, is not known to shy away from foul language, has a Jewish mother and attended a Jewish day school.

Sadly, however, fans who are hoping for some glass-smashing action under the huppah of a traditional Jewish wedding may be disappointed. Silverman has been dating Welsh actor Michael Sheen since 2014.

Silverman made a guest appearance on the show Masters of Sex in which Sheen co-stars with Jewish actress Lizzy Caplan. Silverman plays a lesbian who visits Sheen’s character in an attempt to have a baby.

“It’s great for him, because he has to have sex with Lizzy Caplan all the time on that show, and finally he got to see a real vagina, you know what I mean? A real man’s vagina,” Silverman told Seth Myers.