Missing IDF Soldier’s Family: Netanyahu Failing a Test by Signing Deal With Turkey

Missing Israeli soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul

The Jerusalem Post reports: The family of Lt. Goldin (pictured above left), the IDF soldier killed during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza whose body was never returned, came out against a pending reconciliation deal with Turkey that does not include the return of their son’s remains.

“We view gravely the pending agreement between Israel and Turkey, which is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the state that serves as Hamas’s patron,” the family said in a statement on Saturday evening.

The announcement was released after the family of St.-Sgt. Oron Shaul (pictured above right), who like Goldin was killed in Gaza and not returned to his family for burial in Israel, said that it would raise a protest tent outside of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem on Sunday.

“The agreement does not include the return of our sons, Hadar and Oron, to Israel, contrary to stated promises from the prime minister made over the last two years,” the Goldins’ statement added.

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