EXCLUSIVE – Firearms Prices Skyrocket in West Bank Amid Fears of Looming Anarchy

A Palestinian woman Hamas supporter hold up a rifle during a protest against the kidnapping and killing a Palestinian teenager by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem earlier in the week, and against any Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip in the Jabalya refugee camp, in northern Gaza, on July 4, 2014.

Firearms prices in the West Bank have increased exponentially, a Palestinian security official told Breitbart Jerusalem, a testament to a decline in law and order in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

There are also fears Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will soon leave office, possibly setting off a power struggle amongst Palestinian strongmen vying to take his place.

Sights from bygone years, such as processions of armed militants and acquisition of ammunition have returned, he said. “Everybody knows hell is about to break loose and everybody tries to protect themselves and their interests.”

“The price hike testifies to soaring demand, and it is clear that the West Bank is getting closer to breaking point,” he said. “Once it happens, everybody wants to be ready.”

Things have yet to get out of control, he emphasized, “but it definitely seems to be going that way. All those who can accumulate firearms, and it’s disconcerting especially in hotbeds such as refugee camps around Nablus and Jenin.”

Only a few weeks ago, two Palestinian Authority security officers were killed by gunmen, and there have been dozens of reports of clashes over the past few weeks. The Israel Defense Forces have also recently arrested relatives of PA officials on charges of trading in weapons.

Breitbart Jerusalem reported that, in anticipation of a leadership crisis, Palestinian officials have started arming their loyalists and creating private militias to do their bidding in the event of a succession battle.