Report: ‘Arson Terrorism’ Responsible for Majority of Fires Raging in Israel

Judea and Samaria Fire Department
Judea and Samaria Fire Department

The Algemeiner reports: Israeli news outlets reported on Thursday that arson was behind at least 60 percent of the fires that continue to rage across the country for the third day in a row.

Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh confirmed this while responding to reporters’ questions at the site of one of the dozens of hotspots in the north and center of the Jewish state, where flames continue to erupt, as firefighters work around the clock to extinguish those already started and rush to the scene of each new one as it occurs.

Alsheikh said that though the first fire, which ignited on Tuesday, may have been caused by negligent behavior — and spread quickly because of the unseasonably hot, dry and windy weather — there now appears to be some kind of concerted “nationalistically motivated” effort to keep the blazes going.

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