Israel Reprimands Swedish Ambassador Over UNESCO Vote Denying Ties to Jerusalem


The Times of Israel reports: Sweden’s ambassador to Israel was summoned Wednesday to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, where he was dressed down over Stockholm’s support for an anti-Israel resolution that was passed at the United Nations’ cultural agency the day before.

Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser was reprimanded by Rodica Radian-Gordon, the ministry’s deputy director-general for Europe, and Alon Bar, who oversees the ministry’s international organizations department. “The senior officials expressed their bitter disappointment over Sweden’s vote at UNESCO. This is a vote against Israel, part of a systematic voting pattern,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said.

Sweden was the only European country that voted in favor of the resolution, which disputed Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and harshly criticized the Jewish state for several projects in the capital and Hebron and condemned its naval blockade of Gaza.

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