Report: UN Unveils Its Playbook to Censor Online Speech Globally

A recent initiative by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has ignited a debate over free speech and the regulation of online communication. Using the ominous term “Internet of Trust,” UNESCO plays a full spectrum deployment of techniques like ‘algorithmic suppression’ to diminish speech online that the UN doesn’t approve of.

Mark Zuckerberg

Russia Begins Bombing Ukraine’s Far-Western City of Lviv

Russian missiles struck an airport near Lviv on Friday – the far-western Ukrainian city where hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Russian invasion have sought shelter, and hundreds of foreign journalists are based. Lviv is less than 50 miles from the Polish border.

A pedestrian looks at a cloud of smoke rising after an explosion in Lviv, Western Ukraine,

U.N. Adds Camel Racing, Competitive Grass Mowing to Cultural Heritage List

The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released the latest additions to its global cultural heritage list Friday, applauding the contributions made by competitive grass mowing in the Balkans and camel racing in the Middle East in helping to make the world a better, more inclusive place.


U.N. to Hear Demand of ‘Special Status’ and Global Respect for Thai Massage

A selection of delegates from the COP25 climate conference in Spain have now flown to Bogota, Columbia, to join a separate U.N. meeting. They will spend seven days helping to decide if Thai massage should be added to UNESCO’s heritage list of Intangible Cultural Heritage as the committee seeks to enshrine “cultural diversity” as a global necessity.

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