Antifa Shouts Down Elderly Woman in Neighborhood: ‘Go Back to Your House, F*cking Gentrifier’

Antifa protesters restrained a woman they called Karen and called her a "f-cking gentrifie
Twitter video screenshot/Shane B. Murphy

A group of Antifa activists protesting outside a Portland, Oregon, ICE facility restrained a woman and called her an “f-ing gentrifier” before telling to go back to her home next door. The woman confronted the protesters after becoming fed up with the ongoing protests in front of her home.

“F-You Bitch. Go back to your house,” one Antifa activists shouted at the woman they referred to as Karen. “You f-ing gentrifier. Get the f-ck out of here.”

“I live here,” she shouted back at the Antifa crowd The woman complained that residents of the mid-rise residential building next door to the ICE facility could not sleep because of their loud music and protests that have stretched over weeks.

“This isn’t making us safe,” she continued. “Why can’t you get that?”

One of the protesters responded, “This is all going on Twitter. Make this bitch famous.”

“This is bullshit,” she yelled at them as she walked away.

The protesters responded, yelling, “Go home, Karen. Go home, Karen.” And then, “How’s your f-cking white privilege working?”

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