Protesters Chant, ‘Fascist F**ks, Your Lives Don’t Matter,’ in NYC

NY Protesters Twitter Video Screenshot)
Twitter Video Screenshot

Protesters in New York City marched through the streets chanting “Fascist f*cks, your lives don’t matter.” The march later turned violent after police declared it to be an unlawful assembly and ordered them out of the street.

“Black lives matter, Black lives matter,” the protesters marching behind a United Against Racism and Fascism, NYC banner chanted. “Fascist f*cks, your lives don’t matter.

The group carried signs claiming to be from the Freedom Socialist Party.

Police moved in and declared the march to be an unlawful assembly because they marched in the street. Officials ordered the protesters back onto the sidewalks.

A skirmish broke out between police and protesters who failed to disperse when ordered to do so. Officers made multiple arrests.

Another video shows the brawl between protesters and police expanding as multiple people are arrested.

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