Antifa Rioters Attack Portland Church, Museum for 2nd Time in a Year

Antifa rioters vandalize the Oregon Historical Society on April 16 marking their second attack by Antifa in less than a year. (KGW NBC8 Video Screenshot)
KGW NBC8 Video Screenshot

Antifa rioters in Portland, Oregon, attacked a local church and a historical museum Friday night. The attack marks the second time each has been vandalized during the past twelve months.

Portland Police Bureau officials declared a riot on Friday night after Antifa attacked the First Christian Church and the Oregon Historical Society. Representatives of the organizations said this is the second time each has been vandalized in the past year.

Police officials, who had advance warning of the Antifa “Direct Action,” said the rioters broke windows at the church and the museum.

“I felt frustrated because even the effort of putting plywood and having to repair windows again takes funding away from the important work we do to feed the vulnerable,” First Christian Church Lead Pastor Cynthia McBride told KGW NBC8 reporters.

Despite being hit by the attackers for the second time in a year, McBride said she did not believe the rioters targeted her church. “It’s more people who seem to be caught up in the angst of the moment,” she said.

A short distance away, rioters broke out the windows of the Oregon Historical Society. In October, the museum also faced the brunt of rioters in Portland, Breitbart News reported.

“Here we are again, it is depressing on many levels,” Kerry Tymchuk, the museum’s director, told the local NBC affiliate. Following their attack in October, Tymchuk said the museum reinforce their doors and windows.

“We invested in windows that were impenetrable so they weren’t able to get in as they did last time and throw flares in to the building or steal things, which they did last time,” the director explained. “If history teaches us anything, it’s that vandalism and violence or not the answer.”

Following the attack on the museum in October, a Portland homeless man felt so moved by the attack, he donated one of his few precious dollars to help the rebuilding effort.

Oscar donated one dollar that he said he earned by collecting bottles and turning them in for cash. In a hand-written note, Oscar said:

Hello, I’m homeless so I don’t have much to give you, just some of my bottle collecting money.

But I saw your windows got broken and I wanted to help.

You once gave me a free tour before the pandemic, so this is a thank you!

— Oscar @MyHomelessMeals



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