Journalists ‘Banned’ from Portland Indigenous People’s ‘Day of Rage’

PORTLAND, OR - OCTOBER 11: A protester stands over a toppled statue of President Theadore
Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Reports from Portland, Oregon, indicate that an Indigenous People’s faction of Antifa “banned” independent video-streaming journalists from a planned “Day of Rage.” The organized event led to the toppling of statues honoring former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

“Tonight the “indigenous” faction of antifa held a “day of rage” riot in Portland,” independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted. “They banned video recording as the criminal acts were planned ahead. They’ve toppled the statues of Roosevelt & Lincoln so far using chains.”

A search of social media for live video of the attacks on the statues turns up very few results. Videos only report after-action reports of vandalism in Portland.

One of the few as-it-happened videos shows a crowd of “peaceful protesters” cheering as vandals topple the Teddy Roosevelt statue.

In addition to the destruction of the two historical statues, rioters also attacked the Oregon Historical Association. In addition to smashing windows, rioters tossed a burning flare into the building.

The videographer initially identified the building as the Portland Art Museum. They later corrected the location to be the Oregon Historical Association.

Rioters moved on to attack the Portland State University police office, a Wells Fargo bank building, and other businesses in the downtown area.


Portland Police eventually respond to disperse the crowd and attempt to restore order.

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