WATCH: Antifa Violence Breaks Out at California Spa

Antifa attacks a street preacher outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. (Twitter Video Screens
Twitter Video Screenshot/Andy Ngo

Antifa members assaulted multiple people during a protest at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles on Saturday. Multiple fights broke out as Antifa chased people out of the area.

Multiple videos tweeted out on Saturday show Antifa following, chasing, and assaulting people outside and in the area of the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

Another video shows Antifa attacking a street preacher and beating him while he is on the ground.

Journalist James Klug captured video showing one of many melees in the streets. During the capture of this video segment, someone reportedly hit Klug’s camera with a water bottle.

Klug also captured a video showing Antifa chasing conservative protesters who came out against trans women in women’s bathrooms at the spa.

Another video tweeted by Andy Ngo shows an Asian man being attacked by Antifa near the Wi Spa protest. The man had to use a bottle to defend himself until police arrived and escorted him from the area.

At another point in the incident, Antifa attacked a Hispanic couple carrying a protest sign.

Another female protester came under attack multiple times and Antifa ripped her sign and hat away.

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