Antifa assaults

WATCH: Antifa Violence Breaks Out at California Spa

Antifa members assaulted multiple people during a protest at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles on Saturday. Multiple fights broke out as Antifa chased people out of the area. Multiple videos tweeted out on Saturday show Antifa following, chasing, and

Antifa attacks a street preacher outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. (Twitter Video Screens

Bastille Day Battle: Antifa and Protesters Clash With Police in Paris

Chaos erupted in France as thousands of protesters flooded onto the streets of Paris to mark Bastille Day. Members of the Yellow Vest Movement (Gilets Jaunes), Antifa, and other black-bloc agitators joined the crowds, which quickly devolved into riots, with attacks being launched against the local police.

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 14: French Police push back protestors and spray pepper spray during