GOP Slams Governor Jerry Brown for Toyota's Departure from California

GOP Slams Governor Jerry Brown for Toyota's Departure from California

Toyota Motor Corps’ recent decision to relocate its Torrance, CA-based sales and marketing headquarters to Plano, Texas, is a blatant indictment of the failed policies of the Brown administration to attract and sustain top corporations doing business in California, according to the GOP gubernatorial candidates.

The LA Times reported that the world’s eighth-largest company and the largest car manufacturer’s departure will leave some 3,000 southern Californians without jobs. Moreover, the move will cause devastation to local businesses and restaurants, most likely creating even further spikes in the local unemployment numbers.

“Today’s announcement is just the latest consequence of‎ Gov. Brown’s continued failure to support California job creators – and middle-class workers are the ones whose livelihoods will be devastated as a result,” moderate Republican Neel Kashkari said on Monday. “I’m running for governor to fight for those Californians, and that begins by unleashing the private sector to create good jobs.”

Front-running GOP candidate for Governor, and a ferocious critic of liberal policies that have dominated California for over four decades, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly remarked: “I’m fighting to protect the jobs – like the [thousands of] Toyota jobs that Jerry Brown drove to Texas.” According to the Times, historically, Republicans insist that California is over-regulated and as a result drives business out of state. Moreover, California is one of the highest-taxed states in the Union.

The Times further reported that Toyota has made a statement saying the move was not a result of cost-cutting but to bring more of its operating units to one place.