Turf Wars: Uber Posts Facebook Ad to Lure Lyft Drivers

Turf Wars: Uber Posts Facebook Ad to Lure Lyft Drivers

Uber’s latest marketing ploy to attract Lyft drivers has reached Facebook. 

The competition between both San Francisco-based transportation companies has Uber offering Lyft drivers $500 for taking just one trip on UberX, plus a guaranteed $35/hour through June 30. (see below)

The ad draws attention to a box that is outlined in a distinct hot pink – the same color as the mustaches that adorn the fronts of Lyft driver’s cars – and in small writing has a disclaimer which reads “EXCLUSIVELY FOR LYFT DRIVERS.”

Currently Uber has 312,000 likes on Facebook, while Lyft has 145,000 likes. Both companies have grown at a tremendous rate over the last few years, and Lyft recently launched in 24 more U.S. cities, bringing its number of markets served to 60. This gives Lyft a heads up in 13 cities where Uber doesn’t currently operate, according to the Associated Press.

That announcement was made just one day after Uber said it had just reached a milestone of 100 cities, thanks to their recent launch in Beijing. Uber has reportedly also cited plans to launch internationally in the near future.

Uber was established in 2009, while Lyft arrived on the scene three years later, in 2012.


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