Jerry Brown: Humanity on Collision Course with Nature over Global Warming

Jerry Brown: Humanity on Collision Course with Nature over Global Warming

Now that San Diego’s wildfires have been contained and are cooling, according to the Los Angeles Times, Governor Jerry Brown announced on Sunday that California’s real battle is with global warming. 

Appearing on an ABC Sunday morning show, Brown asserted that “We here in California are on the front lines.”

Brown reasserted that rising sea levels may precipitate the relocation of Los Angeles International airport (LAX). “We’ve got to deal with it. We’ve already appropriated $600 million. We have 5,000 firefighters. We’re going to need thousands more. And in the years to come, we’re going to have to make very expensive investments and adjust. And the people are going to have to be careful of how they live, how they build their homes and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them.”

The website Watts Up With That pointed out that LAX could be overcome by rising sea levels. However, based on current rising sea level calculations, it will take 45,903.6 years to do it.

Moreover, Brown repeated his claim that the San Diego fires, responsible for the burning of a dozen plus homes, is partly due to man-made global warming. The Times reported that he told CNN’s Candy Crowley that the majority of Republicans were in “political denial” of global warming. The governor further stated that fire seasons are now lasting much longer than they were ten years ago. 

It is unclear where Brown got his information from, and he did not give the source for his bold statement. Significantly, most scientists concede that the planet hasn’t been warming since 1998. According to the Sacramento Bee, since 1950 there has been over 7,000 large wildfires in California.

Brown also said to ABC, “We’re going to deal with nature as best we can, but humanity is on a collision course with nature.” Brown boasted that, “In California, we’re not only adapting, but we’re taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gases in a way that I think exceeds any other state in the country. And we’ll do more.”