Free Money Being Hidden in White Envelopes Across San Francisco

Free Money Being Hidden in White Envelopes Across San Francisco

White envelopes containing sums of $100 bills are being left all over San Francisco by an anonymous real estate magnate who is sending out tweets to alert treasure hunters where they can find the hidden cash.

Concerns over San Francisco’s widening wealth gap has prompted the anonymous Samaritan to drop “Hidden Cash” – the name of the experimental project — throughout various parts of the city in order to give back to the community that has helped make him so wealthy. 

The anonymous donor, according to the Huffington Post, tweets out clues as to where the next stash of cash can be found from his Twitter handle @HiddenCash after each dropoff. In what he deems to be a social experiment, the donor plans to expand his largess to Oakland and San Jose. The drops reportedly have “no end in sight” and will continue to occur once or twice a week. 

The most recent @HiddenCash tweeted clue went out on Memorial Day:

New Drop: @tonyhawk did a 900 on me. Find me under the corner of the outdoor bar table overlooking the water.

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash) May 26, 2014

He says he’s made millions in his real estate ventures over the last few years, “more than I ever imagined,” and points out that seeing the struggles of friends and employees has caused him to reflect extensively. This has led him to give away some of the money he makes “in addition to charity” in a fun, creative way with “Hidden Cash,” HuffPost notes. 

Of all the cities in the United States, San Francisco has the greatest gap in wealth, with a huge stratification between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”  

The anonymous donor only has one request for his lucky treasure finders: Tweet out photos of their lucrative discovery. And many have: 

Thanks @HiddenCash and congrats for making bank last year ! Congrats sfsu graduates of 2014!

— Brendon Escalona (@iamuser1353) May 25, 2014