Hewitt: Raul Labrador as Majority Leader Can 'Stun the Media Elites' and Shake Up America

Hewitt: Raul Labrador as Majority Leader Can 'Stun the Media Elites' and Shake Up America

According to nationally syndicated radio host and Chapman University law professor Hugh Hewitt, 118 Republicans in the House of Representatives have to show some backbone and elect Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho as the new House majority leader, replacing defeated Virginia congressman Eric Cantor.

Hewitt thinks that the “Puerto Rican son of a single mom who worked his way through school, served a two-year Mormon mission in the poorest parts of Chile,” who has made his mark by defending property and protecting second amendment rights, has fought for oil and gas exploration, and is an adamant advocate for “border security first, before regularization — not citizenship” could spearhead a monumental shift in Republican politics.

Although a long shot to defeat Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy from California, according to Hewitt in his column in the Washington Examiner, a Labrador victory in a House Republican secret election to be held on Thursday will inspire Speaker John Boehner to make a shift in the right direction.

Hewitt hopes that at least 118 (there are 234 Republicans in Congress) are watching what syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer described on Hewitt’s show: “the world sort of collapsing all at once, the way they look around everywhere — the border, Ukraine, obviously Iraq/Syria, all of this stuff caving in on a presidency, and burying it.”

Hewitt predicts that a Labrador selection as majority leader will be another message to “Team Obama-Reid-Pelosi that screams out, ‘Halt Obamacare, Stop EPA, and Confess!’ to the crooked, power-drunk bureaucrats of the IRS and Veterans Affairs Department.”

Furthermore, Hewitt maintains that at least 118 House Republicans need to realize that America urgently needs a massive Republican victory in November and can’t settle for a minor win in maintaining the House majority. Hewitt asserts that the GOP needs “Not a small-ball, one-run win, just hanging onto the House for two more years, but instead a smashing up of the Democratic majority in the Senate.”

Moreover, the effusive Hewitt asserts, a Labrador pick will be a blow to the Affordable Care Act, the lawless EPA, and do “whatever is necessary to stop the worst president in history from earning an even lower approval rating in his last 24 months.” He adds, “Want to debate what the GOP thinks of single Latina moms and the awful schools their kids are herded into? Send Labrador onto that set to challenge Nancy Pelosi, in Spanish.”

The columnist and law professor concedes that McCarthy is a nice guy and has all the phone numbers of all the Republicans in the House, but asserts that he is a dangerous choice because, “He’s the guy who ignores the fire alarm, assured it is just a test. A ‘Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss’ election will outrage the activists across the country, making every Senate race harder and some impossible.”


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