New Medical Marijuana App Delivers Pot With 'Eaze'

New Medical Marijuana App Delivers Pot With 'Eaze'

A new app called “Eaze” which launched on Tuesday, seeks to provide a quick, seamless delivery of pot to medical marijuana patients with just one click in what the company’s founders are seeking to turn into the “Uber of pot.”

“We’re not a delivery service; we’re the technology that automates connections between patients and dispensers,” said Eaze CEO Keith McCarty, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Eaze drivers, called “caregivers,” begin their shifts at 8 am (and end at midnight) where they pick up a kit that is preloaded with 8 ounces of pot (the amount they are legally permitted to carry), according to the Chronicle. The cars are unmarked as they are a cash-only service, despite the fact that Eaze has a company bank account. 

Marijuana-related ventures usually face great challenges in acquiring bank accounts due to restrictions for marijuana-related services under federal laws, which could be frozen by federal authorities and have their assets seized, the Chronicle notes. Despite having a bank account, due to their positioning as a technology company, Eaze will only accept cash payments.  

It is noted that the typical sale consists of approximately one-eighth of an ounce and averages at around $50. Each driver would reportedly be able to reach pot patients in an average time of 10 minutes. Drivers make $10 per delivery.

McCarty says that amount equals enough supplies for 64 deliveries, which makes for “a compelling value proposition,” the Chronicle notes.

Eaze verifies customers’ legal rights to purchase marijuana by reviewing images of their doctors’ notes and drivers’ licenses that they submit online. 

Marijuana is classification as a Schedule I drug by the government, however pot entrepreneurship is growing at a steady rate, as is the legalization of the drug. And with 23 states, thus far, including the District of Columbia, allowing for the use of medical pot, that figure is seemingly on the incline, the Chronicle writes.

Currently Eaze is only available in San Francisco, but reportedly has plans to expand into Southern California, Colorado and Washington state after it irons out some of the kinks that go along with the introduction and seamless transition of apps into the technology marketplace.


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