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Hollywood Prostitution Ring Busted at the Posh W Hotel

Hollywood Prostitution Ring Busted at the Posh W Hotel

KTLA 5 Los Angeles reports that there is a prostitution ring existing throughout Hollywood at various posh hotels, hotels that also cooperate with the LAPD to blunt the trade. 

The latest attempt to arrest prostitutes at a hotel occurred at the W hotel Friday night, where the LAPD vice squad made a bust.

One young man staying at the hotel was asked if a prostitute had approached him in the hotel. He answered, “Yes, Ma’am. She wasn’t even slick about it. She was just like, ‘Which room are you in?’ I was just like, ‘I don’t even know yet.’ She was like, ‘You want me to come over?’ I was just like, ‘Nah, I’m good.’ She was like, ‘I’m only a thousand.’ I was like, ‘S***, gotta keep movin’, man.'”

The Roosevelt hotel and Loew’s Hoillywood hotel have had busts at their venues recently because of prostitution.

The general manager of the W, Leon Young, said, “They asked me if I’d be willing to allow them to use a couple of rooms to do this, and so I think the misconception was that there was a ring operating out of the hotel, when in fact, everyone that came to the property that they arrested or detained, they called because they had solicited them on line… I am 100% for keeping Hollywood safe.” He later added that the hotel cooperated as a matter of community service.

Hotel staff cooperated with the police, and the W said they will not tolerate prostitution at their establishment.


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