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'Django' Star Refuses to Apologize, Will Take No Further Action

'Django' Star Refuses to Apologize, Will Take No Further Action

Despite numerous calls from civil rights groups that Django Unchained star Daniele Watts apologize to the police for “crying wolf” by falsely insinuating that an officer used racial profiling when he briefly detained her for being uncooperative several days ago, the actress says she refuses to say she’s sorry.

Watts and her significant other Brian James Lucas were allegedly doing more than just “making out,” as Watts claimed in almost every interview she had regarding the incident that transpired. Their actions prompted witnesses to call 911 and complain that the actress and her celebrity chef partner were committing “lewd acts” by allegedly engaging in sexual activity in a parked vehicle located outside of the Director’s Guild in Studio City in broad daylight.

Images surfaced shortly after the incident which purport to capture the couple in a compromising sexual position in a silver Mercedes-Benz.  

Not only is Watts refusing to apologize to the police for her false accusations of racism, but Watts’ publicist Bill McCoy released a statement on Friday indicating that his client is not planning to take further action, according to a report by the Daily Mail

The same Watts who went on a full media offensive against Sgt. James Parker and the Los Angeles Police Department–which could well have ruined his career–has suddenly decided to back down.

Civil rights activists such as Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, and Najee Ali, who heads an activist group called Project Islamic Hope, had initially rallied behind Watts and supported her cries of racism. 

However, after further investigation, they called upon Watts to apologize for “crying wolf.”


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