Wife That Shot Bell Gardens Mayor Cites Abuse, Self-Defense

Wife That Shot Bell Gardens Mayor Cites Abuse, Self-Defense

Lyvette Crespo, who shot and killed her husband Daniel Crespo, Mayor of Bell Gardens, California, Tuesday afternoon, has hired a lawyer who communicated that Mrs. Crespo fired in defense of the couple’s 19-year-old son. The son reportedly intervened when the couple had gotten into a domestic dispute.

Daniel Crespo’s brother William admits the couple had been on the rocks. Lyvette’s lawyer, Eber Bayona, said Thursday, “They are forever scarred as domestic violence knows no barriers to class or culture.”

“Looks at time may be deceiving,” Bayona said, “In this case, there may be an opportunity to learn about the difficult and intolerable home life for this family.”

“Domestic violence is a real issue. We hope the DA validates that a woman has a right to defend herself when her life is in danger,” Bayona said. He also compared the case to Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Lyvette Crespo reportedly does not dispute she shot her husband, but says she did it to protect her son. Daniel Jr., the couple’s son, who was treated at the hospital, following the incident, for facial injuries allegedly resulting from the encounter between father and son.

Lyvette and Daniel Jr. were questioned, but neither is in custody nor has Lyvette been charged with any crime, according to most recent information.

Claudia Osuna, attorney for the Crespo children, said, “Right now the children stand behind their mother. They are grieving the loss of their father.”

William Crespo, Daniel Sr.’s brother, told reporters, “I don’t know why she couldn’t just shoot him one time in the leg.”

Officials from the Sheriff’s department report no prior law enforcement calls to the family’s home. Bayona said he plans to present evidence to the District Attorney’s office of domestic abuse.

A Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office representative told Breitbart News that as of Friday morning no case had been presented to their office for review.

The Bell Gardens mayor worked as a deputy probation officer for the past 15 years, but reportedly did not carry a gun. The gun used to shoot Daniel Crespo belonged to him. Crespo was elected to the city council in 2001 and the office of Mayor of Bell Gardens in 2013.

Daniel and Lyvette were high school sweethearts according to the Bell Gardens website. They moved to Bell Gardens from New York before the birth of their daughter in 1987. Daniel Jr. was born just a few years later.

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