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DeMaio-Peters Still Tied in Wake of Controversial Ads, Allegations

DeMaio-Peters Still Tied in Wake of Controversial Ads, Allegations

With just two weeks until Election Day, more voters report being undecided in the volatile Peters-DeMaio race in California’s coastal 52nd congressional district, according to new polling by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The razor-thin margin, still undecided race between Republican DeMaio and incumbent Democrat Peters, shows a heated battle for the coveted independent group of voters. The SurveyUSA poll of 608 likely voters shows a statistical dead heat with 46% supporting DeMaio, 45% Peters and 10% undecided. Undecided voters have increased from 6% in a poll conducted just two weeks ago.

DeMaio currently leads among those independents, but 18% have yet to decide which candidate to support, if any. Peters commands a marginally greater percentage of Democrat voters than DeMaio does of Republicans.

In recent weeks campaign ads have littered the San Diego airwaves, grasping for the coveted votes needed to secure victory. Allegations have also flown back and forth between former DeMaio campaign Policy Director Todd Bosinch and DeMaio regarding sexual harassment, plagiarism and an office break-in.

Establishment Republicans have stood behind DeMaio, including the National Republican Congressional Committee and House Speaker John Boehner, while local and national grassroots and conservative groups have actively opposed the candidate.

This race will rely greatly on which campaign has the most effective effort in getting its supporters to the polls in this 2014 midterm election.

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