Elizabeth Warren Honored at Beverly Hills ACLU Dinner

Elizabeth Warren Honored at Beverly Hills ACLU Dinner

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was honored Sunday night at the ACLU’s 91st annual Bill of Rights Dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, where she picked up the Ramona Ripston Liberty, Justice, and Equality Award for her work in furthering civil liberties.

Warren used her acceptance speech to touch on progressive, anti-Wall Street themes, perhaps testing the waters in advance of a potential 2016 presidential run, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“We face a basic question in this country,” Warren said at the event. “Who does this government work for? Is government to advance the interests of the rich and the powerful? Does government exercise its power only for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers? Is it there only to strengthen the strong and enrich the wealthy? Or does government work for all of us?”

“We have to face it; the game is rigged in Congress,” Warren added.

A number of other celebrities and Hollywood industry heavyweights also received awards at the ACLU dinner, including Participant Media CEO Jim Berk, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Cameron Strang, and Grammy Award-winning musician and True Colors Fund founder Cyndi Lauper. 

Television writer Norman Lear was on hand to present Warren with her award, as well as the ACLU’s Ramona Ripston, longtime director of the ACLU’s local chapter and the award’s namesake.

ACLU executive director Hector Villagra explained the significance of the dinner and the awards to the Hollywood Reporter:

“The Bill of Rights Dinner is an important event for the ACLU SoCal because we take time to recognize those individuals who through their work help shape our culture for the better by shining a spotlight on the precious principles of liberty, justice and equality,” Villagra said.

The report notes that Hollywood has a “deep reservoir of demonstrated support” for Warren, despite its long-standing connections to both Clintons.


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