Who Is Beheading Animals in Sacramento? Machete Offers Clue

Sacramento Police (Dave Conner / Flickr / Creative Commons)
Dave Conner / Flickr / Creative Commons (Cropped)

Animal control is hunting down the culprit behind 13 recent incidents of animal mutilation. The incidents are growing bolder in nature with the most recent, a bowl of dead bird heads topped with a 2-foot machete, provoking concern over the community’s safety.

The bowl was found early Sunday morning as a walker came across the objects.

“It appears to 8 to 10 inch terracotta bowl. It has a rooster head, a pigeon head, at least one leg that I’ve seen so far,” Sacramento Animal Control Senior Animal Control Officer Jace Huggins stated, according to ABC News 10. “There’s a white substance, what appears to be blood, and over the top of that was a large machete.”

Huggins was particularly disturbed over the machete. He said it makes this discovery different than the others and the most brazen yet. It has not yet been determined whether the mutilated animals are the result of religious animal sacrifice or some other activity.

Authorities from Sacramento animal control are working with Sacramento police to examine surveillance video reported News 10.

“I’m very frustrated and frustrated in general,” Huggins said. “We’re doing fingerprinting on everything we can. I’m ready to get the people who are doing this and make sure this stops.”

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