Who Is Beheading Animals in Sacramento? Machete Offers Clue

Animal control is hunting down the culprit behind 13 recent incidents of animal mutilation. The incidents are growing bolder in nature with the most recent, a bowl of dead bird heads topped with a 2-foot machete, provoking concern over the community’s safety.

Sacramento Police (Dave Conner / Flickr / Creative Commons)

Machete Attacker at New Orleans Airport Dies from Police Gun Shots

A man who attacked Transportation Security Administration workers at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans with a machete on Friday night died Saturday from gunshots fired by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Heather Slyve, who rescued at least one TSA agent who was wounded in the attack.


Man Allegedly Attacks TSA Agents with Machete, Wasp Spray

A man sprayed a TSA agent in the face with wasp killer then slashed a second guard with a machete before a third agent shot him three times at a security checkpoint in the New Orleans international airport Friday.

Mike Mozart / Flickr