Animal Control

Dog ‘Arrested’ for Fighting a Deer

Police “arrested” a Canadian dog that bolted from his owners to run after a deer and placed him in the back of a police cruiser to teach him a lesson.

Dog ‘Arrested’ for Fighting a Deer

Deer Prances Into Berkeley Pool, Goes for Swim

A deer, which was apparently seeking refuge from California’s scorching summer heat, plunged into the pool at King Middle School in Berkeley as dozens of students were participating in swimming lessons.


Who Is Beheading Animals in Sacramento? Machete Offers Clue

Animal control is hunting down the culprit behind 13 recent incidents of animal mutilation. The incidents are growing bolder in nature with the most recent, a bowl of dead bird heads topped with a 2-foot machete, provoking concern over the community’s safety.

Sacramento Police (Dave Conner / Flickr / Creative Commons)