Man Awarded $650k After Beating by Police–Arrested Again Next Day

San Bernadino (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Francis Pusok was awarded a $650,000 settlement from San Bernardino County on Apr. 22 because police had kicked and punched him. The very next day, police caught him running through the backyards of various homes.

Pusok, 30, was apprehended between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., according to San Bernardino police spokesman Lt. Rich Lawhead, who said, “It was an off-duty correctional officer who called us. We identified Francis Jarod Pusok as the man in question. He said he was trying to get to his mother’s home.” Lawhead stated hat officers made a preliminary field report and let Pusok without a citation but with a verbal warning about trespassing.

Pusok protested that he was on his way to his mother’s home, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Pusok had won his settlement from an April 9 incident that was videotaped by a KNBC news helicopter. Ten deputies have been placed on paid leave; the FBI is investigating the incident.

Pusok’s history is replete with confrontations with San Bernardino police; his record shows convictions over the last 10 years including resisting arrest, animal cruelty, grand theft auto and attempted robbery.


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