Swimmer Abandons Record Swim from Golden Gate to Farallon Islands Because of Shark


A man attempting to become the first swimmer to ever make the 28-mile journey from Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands had to abort his effort after 25 miles when a great white shark menacingly circled the boat following him and headed toward its prey.

Corte Madera marathon swimmer Simon Dominguez’s 16-year-old daughter told the Marin Independent Journal that she saw the 12- to 15-foot shark and warned her father, according to KRON4.

Dominquez, 49, who had already been swimming for 18 hours starting on Tuesday night, had blood on his chest from chafing his skin, which may have alerted the shark to his presence. All he was wearing was a swim cap, goggles and a swimsuit in the 50-degree water, although he had smeared his body with grease to inure him to jellyfish stings and keep his body warm.

Dominguez resignedly said of his effort, which ended at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, “I’m a little bit disappointed. But you can’t control Mother Nature, and she decided to throw a shark at me.”

Dominguez told the Marin IJ that he would ask his wife and daughters before he decides whether to repeat his attempt. When asked what he would do after aborting, he said, “To get drunk … Make that have a couple of beers.”

Four solo swimmers have successfully navigated the journey from the Farallons to the Golden Gate. Dominguez would have been the first to swim the route in the opposite direction. Kim Chambers of New Zealand, Dominguez’s training partner, is planning to swim the same route as Dominguez between August 8-10. She would become the first woman to make the swim in either direction.


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