Gavin Newsom Putting Gun Control Before Pot

Gavin Newsom 2008 (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan / Getty

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome will spend more time in 2016 pushing his gun control ballot initiative than his referendum to legalize marijuana, according to a new report.

Newsom’s ballot initiative would require background checks for all ammunition purchases in California, and to limit possession of any magazine larger than the 10-round magazines Elliot Rodger used in his May 2014 attack in Santa Barbara.

News now comes that Newsom’s main focus will be on gun control.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the gun control initiative is expected to “keep [Newsom] so busy he will have little time to get deeply involved with the [marijuana] initiative.”

Newsom assures Californians that his support for legalizing marijuana has not waned, rather, his gun control push will simply require more time because of the amount of opposition the initiative will garner.

But Newsom has not explained what will happen to ammunition sales over the Internet should background checks for ammo purchases in the state win the day. Would the requirement for such checks lead to an all-out ban on purchasing ammunition online, or would Californians simply be required to have all out-of-state ammo shipped to an FFL (“federal firearms license” dealer) where they could go through a background before taking the bullets home?

This is how online gun sales work: the retailer from another states ships the guns directly to an FFL in California, who then does a background check before allowing the buyer to take the weapon home.

Also, Newsom has not explained his plans for pre-existing ammunition–that is, ammunition previously sold and for which which no background check was performed at point of sale.

Will such ammo be outlawed and immediately labeled contraband, or will Newsom require an ammunition registry to match California’s gun registry, thereby revealing how many bullets every California gun owner possesses?

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