Dying Golden Retriever Gets ‘Bucket List’ Wishes

Golden Retriever
Image: Wiki-Commons

A golden retriever named Kobe, dying of a brain tumor, is getting a whirlwind tour in his last days, as the Mira Mesa couple that owns him is treating him to trips, including one to Sea World to see Shamu.

Sonya and Jeff Mo’s dog Kobe was found to have a tumor indicating he had only months to live, breaking their hearts, according to ABC 10 San Diego.

Jeff said of Kobe, who works as a therapy dog at Scripps Memorial Hospital, “I think he likes people more than dogs.” Sonya echoed, “We knew we wanted him to be a therapy dog.”

The Mos discovered Kobe was ill when he wouldn’t eat and looked depressed. After tests were performed, a two-inch tumor was found in his skull. Surgery was ruled out; Heff said veterinarians would “only able to take about 90 to 95 percent of the tumor, which basically means it’s going to grow back.”

The couple decided to treat Kobe with events he would enjoy. Thursday, the Mos took Kobe to meet the residents of Sea World; on Monday, they have arranged for him to ride on a Chula Vista fire engine.

Jeff concluded, “We have some amount of time with him left; we kind of want to make the best of it.”

According to caninececancer.com, “A more recent study of 97 dogs indicated that Golden Retrievers also have a high incidence of brain tumors, especially meningiomas … 95% of canine mengiomas occur in dogs over 7 years old.”

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