Cat Missing for 8 Years Reunited with Owners

Cat reunion (Marin Humane Society / Facebook)
Marin Humane Society / Facebook

After an eight-year search for their missing kitten, Ginger, Nancy and Stephen Payne were reunited with their cat when a man who had been feeding the cat took the feline to the animal shelter for a checkup.

Rick Benson was nurturing Ginger for two months near his shop, when he took the cat to the Humane Society, according to CBS Sacramento. Novato Marin Humane Society spokeswoman Lisa Bloch said Ginger was micro-chipped, allowing the shelter to figure out who her owners were. Bloch said reuniting a pet after an eight-year separation set a record for the organization.

Nancy Payne, 76, told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I had no idea where she was. We were shocked. We never expected to see her again. After a year or so, I thought she had wandered off and got hit by a car and died.” The Payne’s adopted Ginger from the Humane Society as an eight-week-old kitten in June 2007. The cat would often leave at night and only return a couple of days later.

According to the Chronicle, Benson took to the humane society because he thought the cat was pregnant. Nancy Payne said, “We’re trying to adjust to her coming back. We love cats, but I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t run away again. I’m going to have to keep her in the house for a while and slowly introduce her to the other three.”

The Marin Humane Society was so excited about the reunion that they posted a brief video on Facebook about the story.