Enrique Marquez to Be Indicted for San Bernardino Terror

Enrique Marquez (New York Daily News / Facebook)
New York Daily News / Facebook

Law enforcement authorities are expected to indict 24-year-old Enrique Marquez for allegedly buying the AR-15s that were used by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in the December 2 San Bernardino attack.

According to Fox News, authorities believe Marquez legally purchased the guns for an attack he and Farook were planning to carry out in 2012. They believe the guns were purchased and then passed to Farook under those circumstances.

No one knows what charges are being considered–as it is no federal crime to sell a gun to someone who is not legally forbidden from owning one. And with CNN reporting that Farook “legally” purchased the handguns used in the December 2 attack, there are no obvious indicators that would have barred him from purchasing rifles, too.

State law is another issue altogether, as California state law requires the registration of “assault weapons.” This requirement would have applied to the AR-15s.

Fox News reports that Marquez “began speaking with federal authorities after they raided his mother’s home over the weekend. Right after the shootings, Marquez called his mother to say he was safe, but that he wouldn’t be coming home, neighbor Lorena Aguirre told the Associated Press. He later checked into a mental health facility. It’s unclear where he is now.”

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