Etsy Store Sells Tear Gas Christmas Decorations, ‘Peace Earrings’ From Projectiles Hurled at IDF Soldiers

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A store on Etsy called “Peace Parcels” is selling earrings made from marbles thrown at IDF soldiers by Palestinians. The store also hawks Christmas tree ornaments from expended tear gas canisters (pictured). 

The seller, who calls himself William Stephenson but whose real name is Walter Brynjolfson, claims he does not support violence in any shape or form. The site also contains a photo of a Palestinian wrapped in a kaffiyeh launching a slingshot.

The description of the marble earring reads:

“These illustrious little earrings are made from marbles thrown at Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem. They were tenderly gathered off the streets and masterfully crafted into fashionable items. Now you can help carry the weight of military oppression wherever you go.”

Stephenson writes that proceeds from the jewelry will go to Wi’Am, a self-described conflict resolution center that provides Palestinians “with peaceful alternatives to conflict.”

Peace Parcels is also retailing tear gas Christmas tree ornaments, which it advertises on its Twitter account . Expended canisters were apparently “gathered off the streets, opened, emptied of their contents, thoroughly scrubbed, and re-dressed with a cheery Christmas appearance,” according to the item’s description.

The description continues, “Now during this holiday season you can share in the Palestinian Christian experience by adding this little bit of apartheid flare to your festive living room decor.”

The site also notes that purchasing the tear gas decorations also means supporting American jobs since the canisters are manufactured in the US. Al Jazeera posted a video  of Christmas trees in Bethlehem displaying the ornaments.

Stephenson, a Canadian Evangelical Christian, says that he became “enamored” with Palestinian Christians following a two-month volunteering trip to the West Bank in 2014. He claims to have “felt a personal calling to help develop empathy within the hearts of North American Christians for the oppressed people of this land.”


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