Rose Bowl Skywriter Plans More Assaults Against ‘Bully’ Donald Trump

Stan Pate WBRC

Establishment donor Stan Pate — the Marco Rubio contributor, Democrat donor and friend of Jeb Bush responsible for anti-Trump skywriting over Pasadena’s Rose Parade and three New Years Day Bowl games — says his assaults on 2016 Presidential candidate Trump aren’t nearly over.

Trump better “tighten his saddle” because there’s “more to come,” Pate told MyNewsLA. “This is an attempt to organize people that feel the same way that I do, that have been looking for a voice.”

Among Pate’s signs were, “AMERICA IS GREAT. TRUMP IS DISGUSTING,” “ANYBODYBUTTRUMP,” AND “IOWANS DUMP TRUMP.” One Tweeter testified to the third message which was not fully visible, “Anybody but Trump. Trump loves to hate. Iowans dump Trump.”

The Bush buddy isn’t giving any indication of what the “more to come” entails or when to expect it according to the report. “If you’re gonna knock a bully out on the playground, you don’t tell him.” Pate repeated the bully mantra in the phone interview while striking out, “He don’t know what the Bill of Rights says, what the Constitution says, the Declaration of Independence — nor does he care.”

“Gov. [Jeb] Bush and I are friends,” Pate told the outlet. He made his 2016 Presidential allegiances abundantly clear in the course of the interview, saying of the establishment darling, “He’s commonsense. He’s thoughtful.” Pate went on lauding several others as intelligent people, but he had no love for Trump.

The report also points out that Pate has given money to Democrats. The anti-Trump campaigner  told the outlet that he gave $300,000 to Alabama Democrats in the most recent election cycle. Pate has a sorted history of supporting both establishment Republican and Democratic candidates as Breitbart News has reported.

Jeb’s friend went so far as to threaten support of Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. “If this comes down to Donald Trump [vs.] Secretary Clinton, I will be motivated to support, work for and vote for her.” He made a similar threat in an interview with Breitbart News.

Pate also suggested that other candidates will not “get down in the gutter with Trump” because it would be “unpresidential.” But that’s far from the fact. Almost every other 2016 Presidential candidate has taken a shot at Trump. Breitbart News previously reported on Trump’s response to Jeb’s en espanol comment of Trump, “El hombre no es conservador,” which, according to the Tampa Bay Times, means “The man is not conservative.”

Jebbie-buddy Pate’s skywriting stunt went over great with Jeb Super PAC head Mike Murphy who said in a tweet complete with photo, “Not us but can’t argue with it!” Murphy overseas the Jeb-backing Right to Rise Super PAC.

“All the phrases are mine,” Pate said on Friday according to MyNewsLA. “I sat down and penned those phrases.” The 50-something real estate tycoon carefully planned his messages, proudly crafting them himself and timing them for maximum exposure.

When asked what other political stunts he’s been involved in, Pate told the reporter, “Let’s just say I’ve been involved in interesting efforts throughout my career.”

Pate has started a new Super PAC according to the report. The name is We The People Foundation and at the time of the report Pate was the only backer. The report indicated that Pate didn’t want to talk about the new venture, “There’s nothing to talk about.” Right.

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