Clinton Foundation Donor Sues U.S.; Denied Entry over Alleged Terror Link

Major Clinton Foundation donor and Nigerian-Lebanese billionaire Gilbert Chagoury is suing seven United States federal agencies over being denied a visa to enter the U.S., and is claiming reputational damage after a story leaked about the reason — namely, reports that he aided in funneling money to Islamic terror group Hezbollah.

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Apple I Sells for $200k; Donor Sought

If a woman who dropped off boxes of electronics at a South Bay recycling firm returns to the store, she will collect a $100,000 check. In early April, the unknown woman, who said her husband had just died, deposited a number of boxes at Clean Bay Area. One box contained a vintage Apple I, which Clean Bay Area found two weeks later and sold for $200,000 to a private collection. The woman did not obtain a receipt or tell the store her name.

Apple I (Bill Saturno / Flickr / CC)