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Arizona Mexican Restaurant Owner Threatened over Donald Trump Sign

Betty Rivas of Tucson, Arizona, did not know for whom she would vote in Tuesday’s presidential primary at the time she attended both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies. But a sign the Mexican restaurant owner was holding got her onstage with Trump and then served up a heap of threats.

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Ron Paul: No Candidates Deserve Libertarian Vote

Libertarian icon and Former Texas Representative Dr. Ron Paul appeared on Fox Business channel Friday, heralding a message that neither Sen. Ted Cruz nor any Republican or Democrat candidate for president should win the libertarian vote.

Ron and Rand Paul ABC News

Rose Bowl Skywriter Plans More Assaults Against ‘Bully’ Donald Trump

Establishment donor Stan Pate — the Marco Rubio contributor, Democrat donor and friend of Jeb Bush responsible for anti-Trump skywriting over Pasadena’s Rose Parade and three New Years Day Bowl games — says his assaults on 2016 Presidential candidate Trump aren’t nearly over.

Stan Pate WBRC