California Primary: Left’s May Day March Against Trump

Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News

Communists, Anarchists and social justice warriors descended upon downtown Los Angeles Sunday to express their rage and rail against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day.

“Donald Fascist Trump! Donald Hitler Trump,” a Mexican man shouted from a stage situated across from a larger-than-life sized balloon depicting Trump holding a KKK hood in his hand. “The great revolution is upon the world,” he said, as he called for crippling taxes on the rich. ” There have been revolutions in the past … But the one before us will be the great and final revolution to bring about the paradigm shift that will change the shape of our history.”

Emotions are escalating surrounding the upcoming June 7 California primary. Violent behavior may flare up more frequently throughout the state and nation as the far-left continues targeting Trump and calling for “social justice.”.

“Civil disobedience is a First Amendment right,” Richard Eastman, 63, told Breitbart News as he smoked a lit joint where he set up camp in City Hall Park. Eastman, a medical marijuana enthusiast and member of the Occupy movement, said “I’ve smoked weed in the room with two presidents — one who inhaled and one who did not. That means I have presidential clearance.” Asked who inhaled, he said Obama, adding that Clinton ingested a brownie, which he suggested Hillary had baked for him.

The smell of marijuana was strong in the air. Police officers observed the scene from the stairs of City Hall, monitoring for any violence or unrest.

Coinciding rallies took place in other parts of Southern California, like Orange County, as well as internationally.

On Friday, LAPD Assistant Chief Michel Moore spoke with the Los Angeles Times about violent protests in Northern California outside of the state’s GOP Convention where both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) delivered remarks. “It is disturbing to law enforcement as much as all Americans … it’s almost the ’60s again,” he said 

Joseph Moreno, 12, of Bell, California delivered remarks in Spanish on stage. Speaking with Breitbart News afterwards, he said “I may not know a lot, but I know when there is injustice. I want Donald Trump to know that.” Just before Moreno left stage, an adult Hispanic man called for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Of Moreno, he said, “you may have just heard the next president of the United States.”

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