2018: The Year China’s Communists Turned on Xi Jinping

At the tail end of 2017, Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping delivered a 3.5-hour speech appointing himself the head of a “new era” of Chinese global hegemony, the indisputable leader of world communism.

A book about Chinese President Xi Jinping entitled "The Governance of China" is seen on display at a bookstore in Beijing on February 28, 2018. President Xi Jinping's leap toward lifelong rule has largely been met by guarded silence in world capitals as governments try to predict how China's formidable …

Orson Bean: 1950s Hollywood Blacklist Was ‘No Comparison to Vitriol of Today’

Legendary actor-comedian Orson Bean — father-in-law of the late Andrew Breitbart — described contemporary leftist-driven boycott and censorship campaigns as more repressive than Hollywood’s 1950s blacklisting of communists. Bean offered his remarks in a Monday-aired interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Orson Bean attends the LA Premiere of "The Equalizer 2" at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)Orson Bean attends the LA Premiere of "The Equalizer 2" at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, in Los Angeles. (Photo …

French Communists Plot to Tear Down Nation’s ‘Racist’ Heritage

“Is it right that Parisian streets bear the names of slavers and generals who made racist remarks?” asks a book to be published next month, whose veteran Communist authors hope will launch an all-out war on the riot-plagued French capital’s heritage.


Seattle’s Statue of Communist Dictator Vladimir Lenin Under Fire

A growing number of people on social media are calling for Seattle’s statue of Communist A growing number of people on social media are calling for the removal of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Seattle. Vladimir Lenin to be removed.

Seattle’s statue of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin

Pro-Duterte Muslim Separatists Take Arms Against Islamic State in Philippines

Over the weekend, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked several Muslim separatist and Communist groups to fight alongside government troops against the Islamic State. The groups have not yet agreed to a formal alliance, but they have reportedly exchanged gunfire with ISIS militants.

Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte gestures as he answers questions from reporters at the University of the Philippines in suburban Quezon city, north of Manila, Philippines, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016. Five candidates are running for President in the coming elections this May. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

In Pictures: Far Left Demonstrate Against Marine Le Pen

PARIS, France: Groups of Communists, anti-racists and other far leftists marched down the streets of Paris from the Place de la République to the Bastille to protest anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen. The protest, scheduled every year on May

Chris Le Pen

Czech PM Foresees Coalition With Hardline Communists

PRAGUE (AP) — Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says his leftist Social Democrats are ready to form a coalition government with the hardline Communist Party after this year’s parliamentary elections.

Czech Republic

EXCLUSIVE: Seb Gorka Tells True Story Behind Smears Against Him

In an emotional, exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Breitbart editor Sebastian Gorka, who is now serving as the Deputy Assistant to President Trump, tells the true story about the medal his father received for fighting tyranny.

Gorka-Stranahan screenshot

Inaugural Rioters Urged to ‘Go Hard’ in ‘Only Chance’ to ‘Rove the City’ Under ‘Protocol of the Obama Era’

A chilling article from one of the over 75 groups that Breitbart News has identified as connected to the #DisruptJ20 events titled Ten Reasons to Go Hard on January 20 makes the case to anarchists, socialist and communist ruffians from across the country about “why would it be worth driving across the country to a city crowded with reactionaries and police.”

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: A crowd marches from Union Square to Trump Tower in protest of new Republican president-elect Donald Trump on November 12, 2016 in New York, United States. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

Leftist Groups Plotting to Disrupt Inauguration Have Attacked Trump Supporters Before

As a coalition of far-left protesters is converging on Washington, D.C. preparing to cause chaos at the Trump Inauguration during the #DISRUPTJ20 event, Breitbart News has learned that groups planning to attend the event were part of violent protests against Donald Trump that led to assaults against supporters and police, as well as other attacks on pro-liberty groups.

Ethan Miller/Getty

China: Fighting Dalai Lama Influence ‘Highest Priority’ in Tibet

Chinese communist officials have admitted that diminishing the influence of the Dalai Lama, the highest authority in Buddhism, is their “highest priority” for governing Tibet, as Chinese state media attempts to elevate the profile of a rival, state-approved Buddhism authority.

The Dalai Lama takes to the stage to address the faithful in Aldershot on June 29, 2015 which has a large Nepalese Buddhist community made up mainly of serving and retired Gurkha soldiers. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

California Primary: Left’s May Day March Against Trump

Communists, Anarchists and social justice warriors descended upon downtown Los Angeles Sunday to express their rage and rail against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on May Day, also known as International Worker’s Day.


Donald Trump Tombstone Appears in Central Park as Online Threats Continue

A tombstone for Donald Trump mysteriously appeared in Central Park this weekend, just one week after over a thousand avowed communists, socialists, Bernie Sanders fans, and pro-illegal immigration activists took part in an anti-Trump protest in Central Partk. The Gothamist

Trump Tombstone @Gothamist

Turkey: Female Communist Terrorists Throw Grenades into Istanbul Police Station

Turkish police have killed two female terrorists after the pair attempted an attack on the headquarters of Istanbul’s riot police, using firearms and grenades, and locked themselves in a nearby apartment. Police have identified the women as members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army-Front (DHKP-C), a Marxist-Leninist terror organization.


Obama Diplomacy Success Story: Cuba Won’t Move ‘One Millimeter’ on Human Rights

The head of Cuba’s delegation to negotiate “normalization” with the United States has vowed that Cuba will not “move one millimeter” on issues such as its rampant human rights violations in talks with American officials. This follows Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to the island for the opening of the American embassy in Havana.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Fidel Castro, Who Owes U.S. Citizens $7 Billion, Demands ‘Millions’ from Obama

An article in Cuban media claiming to be written by retired Cuban despot Fidel Castro is demanding an unspecified number of “millions” of dollars from the United States as recompense for alleged economic damage created by America’s sanctions on the repressive communist state, on the eve of the scheduled celebration of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Havana.

Fiden Castro

Chinese Government Instructs Media How to Cover Stock Market Crisis

The China Digital Times reports on some strict instructions from the Chinese communist government to media outlets on how to cover the Chinese stock market collapse. Among other things, reporters were instructed not to refer to it as a “collapse.”

The Associated Press

Greek Communists Storm Finance Ministry Protesting EU Proposals

Individuals associated with the All Workers Militant Front (PAME), a communist trade union, stormed the Greek Foreign Ministry on Thursday, demanding the far-left government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras not agree to any austerity reforms with the European Union, reforms demanded by both the EU and creditors to help Greece avoid a debt default.