Video: SF ‘Sanctuary City’ Activists Caught Planning to Break Hearing Rules

Causa Justa rally outside Supervisors (Lee Stranahan / Breitbart News / Screenshot / YouTu
Lee Stranahan / Breitbart News / Screenshot / YouTube

An exclusive video shot by Breitbart News at a rally outside San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday shows pro-amnesty activists plotting to disrupt a Board of Supervisors hearing on a proposal to expand the city’s “sanctuary city” policies.

The group was organized to support the resolution, proposed by Supervisor John Avalos. In the video, a community organizer is seen telling the group that they will be asked to break the committee’s rules if any “weird amendments” are added.

More disturbingly, the organizer seems to indicate that Board of Supervisors President and chair London Breed — the woman whose job it is to see that the rules are followed — is on the group’s side and will decline to enforce the rules against them.

When the meeting happened, the group did, in fact, violate the rules and disrupt the meeting a number of times to applaud and cheer the sanctuary city legislation. They were not punished in any way.

The rules of order of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors prohibit precisely those actions that the activists plotted, and which they carried out during the meeting:

1.3.1. Actions Prohibited during Board of Supervisors’ Meetings.

Applause or vocal expression of support or opposition

Standing in meetings

Eating or drinking in the public gallery

Use of electronic devices, unless they are in silent mode

Hand held signs in the Legislative Chamber or in the committee room (although small signs may be worn on clothing)

In contrast, this reporter was forcibly and unlawfully removed from the proceeding for simply recording the protesters’ repeated outbursts.

In the video, one of the community organizers tells the crowd:

And so we’re gonna go inside, and we’re gonna remain strong, knowing that the chair has been talking to a lot of the supervisors and trying to get the supervisors to come to her side and do things that are gonna change and really transform the way we deal with (unintelligible) in San Francisco.

Although she is not referred to by name, “the chair” seems to refer to San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed.

Ms. Breed chairs the Board of Supervisors and allowed several outbursts by the La Raza / Causa Justa protesters to happen during Tuesday night’s meeting.

In the video, the organizer predicts success:

So we’re gonna remain strong. The most important thing to know is that most likely today we’re gonna win exactly what we want to win, because we have remained strong through all of this, right?

Then the community organizer makes a clear call to violate the rules of the Board of Supervisors

And that if there is any weird amendments that are introduced that we don’t like from some of the supervisors that already are not on our side, that we might ask you to help us shame them or stand up and things like that, so just follow the lead of Sandy and myself on that…

But it is likely that we’re here to win, so let’s do it, let’s remain strong. Remember all the people that are not here today, right, that would like to be here. Remember that it is more than just us here today, we’re representing a lot of people in the community, and this has an impact in the whole country. So let’s go strong. Please stay until the end of the vote so that we can be there strong with our numbers. Thank you.

The rules were violated at least four times by the group, with no consequences from Breed. However, as Breitbart News later reported:

Stranahan was unlawfully thrown out of a Board of Supervisors’ meeting for filming radical pro-amnesty protestors disrupting the discussion and breaking the rules repeatedly without repercussion.

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