Goats Killed After Herd Wanders onto CA Highway

Goat (Rebecca Siegel / Flickr / CC)
Rebecca Siegel / Flickr / CC

Over a dozen goats were killed on a highway in Riverside County after a herd of about 250 wandered away from a nearby field and were struck by cars after midnight on Friday.

According to local ABC News affiliate ABC7, a vehicle heading south on highway 78 and Keller Road in Winchester collided with the large herd. The goats had been used to clear brush in the nearby field. Several of the goats had to be put down at the scene of the collision, with state Fish and Wildlife officers using a shotgun.

Video taken at the scene showed some of the goats were stuck under the carriage of the car.

ABC7 notes that the highway remained closed for about 90 minutes while officials investigated the crash and rounded up the rest of the goats.

No human injuries were reported, despite the front of one vehicle being completely destroyed from the impact.

Riverside County is known for having ample farm land. The area was also a focal point during several episodes in America’s civil rights movement. Civil rights activist and labor leader Cesar Chavez famously visited the region.

This past April, Breitbart News reported on a female (“nanny”) goat with an apparent caffeine fix that had wandered into a Rohnert Park, California Starbucks before public safety officials were able to capture and take it to a local animal shelter, where it was reunited with its owners.

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