Unlicensed Dentist Who Drove Patients to Tijuana for Dental Work Arrested

Reuters/Phil Noble

An unlicensed dentist who allegedly lured in patients by advertising low prices, then drove them to Tijuana for dental work, is now under arrest.

The unlicensed dentist, Robert Mansueto, was arrested on Wednesday.

According to ABC 10, 63-year-old Mansueto was a formerly licensed dentist in Coronado, but “his license was revoked in 2005.” Thereafter, he allegedly continued practicing dentistry under an assumed name, Dr. Bob Franco. ABC 10 investigated Franco and “determined he was meeting patients at his Coronado home and driving them down to Tijuana, where another dentist would assist Mansueto in performing dental implant surgery.”

The scenario came to ABC 10’s attention after patients approached the television channel with “complaints about substandard work.”

ABC 10 secretly followed Mansueto as he allegedly drove a patient to Tijuana. The patient later said that “her mouth became infected and one of her implants fell out.” Moreover, she alleged that “Mansueto pierced one of her sinus cavities.”

Mansueto was arrested and “charged with practicing dentistry under a false name, and without a license, but the most serious charges have to do with performing surgery on patients, which requires a medical license.” Three of these charges are felonies. The other eight are misdemeanors. Mansueto pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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