Fresno Store Clerk Shoots Gang Member in Self-Defense

Jennifer Deasy holds her Colt Government .380 caliber pistol at the target range at Niagar
AP Photo/David Duprey

Over the weekend, a known gang member allegedly entered a Fresno convenience store, spit on the clerk, threatened him, and was shot in the stomach.

The incident occurred at “the Family Food Market on Belmont and College avenues,” according to the Fresno Bee.

The Bee relates that “28-year-old Marcus Hardin came into the store and immediately started harassing [the clerk].” Lt. Joe Gomez said, “Hardin threatened the clerk multiple times,” the Bee reports.

When Hardin slipped off his backpack–giving the impression he was ready to fight–the clerk warned that he had a gun and would shoot. Yet Hardin “continued to harass the clerk, spitting on him and moving to get around the counter.” So the clerk shot him then called police

ABC 30 reported that Hardin “has a lengthy criminal history and is a confirmed gang member.” Moreover, “he has been arrested before for thefts and disturbances  [at the same convenience store].”
Lt. Gomez said the clerk anticipated trouble as soon as Hardin walked in:
Right away the clerk was concerned when he comes in the store– and he’s saying something to him. I don’t know if he’s telling him you gotta leave but the suspect goes right up to the counter, throws off his backpack, he bows up, and he’s ready to fight. And like I said, he’s much larger– the clerk was in fear for his safety.

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